The Switch Model™

The Methodology

Any successful business won't be able to survive if it's not equipped with a strong brand strategy.
Without a unified strategy, everything from your content, to your culture, to your core business can suffer. But there’s a reason why this problem is so pervasive: Building a strong brand strategy takes time, effort, commitment and has a unique learning curve. And that’s where many people can get stuck.
Memorable brands are not build randomly or overnight, they are the process of quality and consistency. To fill in every business gap you might have, we have put together The Switch Model ™.An evolving work methodology that relies on best practices and is driven by data analysis

The Coverage Areas

Brand Identity

Whether a new or established brand, your identity is your signature that makes your offer a desirable perception. We put your brand's value into perspective by utilizing all means needed such as story, logo, language, color palette

Brand Setup

In a market dominated by rivals and competitors, we ensure your brand is equipped with all technical and tactical features to conquer your target market.

Marketing Strategy

Never let the word strategy scare you. Considering our model, when you reach this stage, you would already have solid ground built.
In this stage, we determine based on the previous the best channels, budget and activities to be conducted.

Brand Communication

Now that everything is established with an action plan, we help you complete and activate a 360 degree plan to increase your brand awareness and recognition. 
Determining where, why, what and how to make it memorable both online and offline.


It's your window to the world. Where people see you, become attracted and attached to you, contact you... It's your most important growth tool. Simply like a 2 way mirror, the website is where your clients see you and you see them. 
It helps you hear them, read their behaviors and patterns and analyze it.

Digital Marketing

In the era of digital dominance, digital marketing versatility enables your brand to highlight its distinctive features starting by content marketing moving to paid ads and not forgetting the listings.
Following the activation, we monitor, enhance and update the strategies.